Place an Order for Linux Virtual Private Server

Get Started with Hostaya by Placing an Instant order for Linux VPS by following the guide below

Any VPS plan can be configured by following simple steps

  1. Select your Plan
  2. Choose Billing Cycle
  3. Fill Details and Parameters
  4. Select Addon if required
  5. Select Operating System. You can reinstall later.
  6. Select Control Panel if required. Can be installed later.
  7. Proceed to Checkout
  8. Apply Promo if available.

Parameters with Example values

Hostname can be useful in accessing server associated/unassociated with your domain. It can also help in accessing from any Host control panel for accessing it.
You can later point to server IP via using your domain registrar’s DNS service or any other third party DNS service providers like Cloudflare.

Nameserver: dns1 dns2 (you can put these by default)
Name servers are generally made when there are minimum two Domain Name Servers are separately configured with Cluster DNS configuration. If you do not have multiple servers, you can simply point your domain directly via Cloudflare.

VPS Management: Hostaya has mainly Semi Management and Fully Management options apart from Self Management. If you are opting for Self Management, you must make sure you have knowledge to setup and manage your server by yourself or by your developer.
Else you can go for management options, to know more about semi management and full management, please contact support.

IP Address: Normally you are required atleast 1 single Public IP address. But if you need multiple IP address, you can order additional IP addresses.

Operating System: Centos 7 (recommended)
Normally you can select any choice of your operating system in which you are familiar with its staging and stability.
Normally for hosting websites, people select operating system according to control panel they want to use.

It can be reinstalled/changed later via hostaya panel.

Control Panel: none (select by default)
We have inbuilt tool with control panel installer having variety of control panel for installation for making your work more easier.
You can install any choice of control panel according to operating system selected. We normally recommend Centos Web Panel by selecting Centos 7 if you are going for Free control panels.
Apart from several Free control panels, you can go for Paid control panels like cPanel or Plesk with their own support and licensing.

Note: We do not provide support for any control panel with its issues or any other software issues.

Promocode: We have several promocodes for discounts or setup fee waiving, simply you can apply or you can contact support for getting it instantly.

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